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Model HST-10 HST-12 HST-15 HST-153 HST-118 HST-218
Type Of Enclosure 2-Way bass reflex 3-Way bass reflex Subwoofer
Power Handling 250W AES 1000W peak 375W AES 1500W peak 475W AES 1900W peak

2-way: LF: 400W( AES), 1600W(peak)

   MF/HF:180W(AES), 720W(peak)

3-way: LF: 400W(AES), 1600W(peak)

   MF:150W(AES), 600W(peak),

   HF:30W(AES) ,120W(peak)


500W AES 2000W peak 1000W AES 4000W peak
Frequency Response(+/-4dB) 60-20KHz 55-20KHz 50-20KHz±3dB 35-200Hz( ± 4dB)
Low Frequency re Limit -10dB@54Hz -10dB@49Hz -10dB@43Hz ~~~~~ -10dB@30Hz
Sensitivity 1M @1W 96dB 101dB 102dB LF:99dB, MF:95dB, HF:107dB 97dB 100dB
Continuous SPL 120dB 125dB 126dB 123dB 126dB
Peak SPL 126dB 131dB 132dB 129dB 132dB
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm 4 Ohm
Crossover Frequency Internal passive crossover at 2.8KHz Internal passive crossover at 2.2KHz

2-way: 800Hz, 24 dB/octave slope ( MF/HF crossover at 3800Hz)

3-way: 800Hz/3800Hz, 24 dB/octave slope


Components LF:1×10" Voice-coil:2″ HF:1×1" Voice-coil:1.4″ LF:1×12" Voice-coil:2.5″ HF:1×1.4" Voice-coil:3″ LF:1×15" Voice-coil:3″ HF:1×1.4" Voice-coil:3″ LF:1×15" Voice-coil:3″, MF: 1×8" Voice-coil:2″, HF:1×1" Voice-coil:1.75″ LF:1×18" Voice-coil:4" LF:2×18" Voice-coil:4"
Dispersion(H×V) 45° to 100°×45°(rotatable) 80°×50°(rotatable) 80°×50°(rotatable) 100°×60° ~~~~~~~~~~
Connectors 2×Speakon NL4MP
Dimensions(H×W×D) 530×(325,184)×286mm 638×(402,208)×389mm 705×(457,244)×434mm 775×(486,232)×420mm 706×516×730mm 706×1032×730mm
Net Weight(Kg) 16.4 kg 25kg 33.4kg 34.4kg 55.4kg 101.2kg
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