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Deshenglong is a professional audio equipment company founded in 1998. Based on R&D, we offer services covering production and sales of loudspeakers, power amplifiers, signal processors etc. We are a leading supplier in the domestic professional audio industry.

Sound is a serious business” is Deshenglong’s marketing concept. Thanks to advanced technique and outstanding product quality, Deshenglong has been enjoying a good reputation in this industry. Driven by the spirit of creativity, Deshenglong has been providing customers with products with a good rate of performance and value. All the products are manufactured under strict quality control. Deshenglong regards excellent customer service not only commercial credits but also its obligation. By doing so, Deshenglong becomes a modern company with an image of Sincerity, Creativity, Practice, and Mutual Benefits.

Deshenglong offers a wide range of multifunctional products including loudspeakers suitable for various professional applications, power amplifiers with an output from 100w to 3000w, and different signal processors. The newly launched superior performance loudspeakers have a big power loadability, and can reproduce an unparalleled sound. Their performance and quality reaches a world standard, and can beat other world famous loudspeakers. It is a truth recognized by many professionals in professional audio field.

As ever before, Deshenglong will continue its focus on customers’ demands, and provide more value-added services for customers. Moreover, we will expand cooperation with other companies through different channels including OEM. This will prove to be win-win situation for both Deshenglong and its customers.



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